The AQIRYS universe is continuing its expansion by entering yet another stage. If our cases impersonated the big bang allowing you to SEE a new gaming universe unfolding, followed by the headsets - that let you HEAR it, and the mice and mats - that enabled you to ultimately FEEL it, now has come the time for you to simply INDULGE in it! Striving to provide you premium quality ergonomics for the best possible gaming experience, we proudly unveil our gaming chairs, and we welcome you to the comfort of AQIRYS!

The TARVOS chair, named after one of the “irregular" Saturnian moons, blends impeccable features from the inside to the outside so you can seamlessly enjoy the time you spend gaming, learning, or even working on your PC!


All chair elements are firmly held together by inserting an ultra-durable powder-coated carbon steel frame in the whole chair. For long-lasting comfort performance and to avoid degradation, TARVOS uses a high-density Polyurethane foam filling for both the backrest and seat. The ultra-durable nylon wheelbase provides outstanding stability, and a class 4 gas spring cylinder allows a maximum load of 140 kg.



The TARVOS chair, a more compact and budget-friendly version of the ATLAS, features upholstery made of high-quality fabric in a black color scheme for a classy, minimalist but still commanding look. Despite its smaller size and affordability, TARVOS does not compromise on quality. Its fabric is easy to clean thanks to its anti-stain properties and is also fire-resistant, ensuring safety from occasional smoky accidents.


Indulge in utter comfort thanks to the multiple ergonomic adjustments TARVOS is offering. Besides the classic height adjustment and chair rotation, the tilt-lock mechanism lets you tilt the chair and lock it at the desired angle. The backrest is also reclinable to 155° for that well-deserved break, and the 4D armrests allow adjustments in four directions so it can perfectly match your arms' position.
Cervical and lumbar support is available through detachable pillows, with the lumbar pillow being filled with memory foam to better conform to your anatomy.



Our chairs are tested and certified for complying with extensive EU safety requirements (and standards) designed for office furniture (chairs). These tests include the screening of the chair design, chair parts safety, stability (including overturning in different directions), structural safety, strength, and durability (including multiple static loads scenarios, armrest durability), just to name a few.
It goes without saying that we cut no corners in delivering not only a comfortable chair but, more importantly, a safe one!


In addition to the classic 3-inch Nylon casters, the TARVOS package includes an extra set of Ultra-Glide Silent PU 3-inch casters. You are free to use the caster type that works best on your floor or carpet and fits your preferences best. Installing the casters is a breeze, as easy as saying pull-push.



Tarvos, one of Saturn's moons, is its name derived from Celtic mythology. In this mythology, Tarvos is a deity often depicted as a bull with three cranes perched on its back. This naming convention is part of a broader tradition where many of Saturn's moons are named after characters from various mythologies, in this case, specifically from the Gallic (Celtic) pantheon. The name "Tarvos" continues the fascinating connection between space exploration and ancient mythologies, highlighting the human tendency to link the celestial and the mythological.


  • Chair type: High-Back
  • Foam type: High-Density Polyurethane
  • Frame type: Powder Coated Carbon Steel
  • Upholstery type: Premium PU Leather & High-Quality Fabric
  • Gas Piston: Class 4
  • Wheelbase material: Ultra-Durable Nylon
  • Casters: 3-inch Nylon (5 pcs), 3-inch PU (5 pcs)
  • Cervical support: Yes (memory foam pillow)
  • Lumbar support: Yes (memory foam pillow)
  • Armrests type: 4-Directional adjustable
  • Backrest recline: 90 - 155°
  • Tilt angle lock: Yes
  • Maximum load: 140 kg
  • Backrest width: 52.5 cm
  • Backrest height: 80 cm
  • Seat depth: 55 cm
  • Seat width: 51 cm
  • Height adjustment: 10.5 cm
  • Armrest height adjustment: 6 cm
  • Wheelbase diameter: 67 cm
  • Weight: 24.40 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Certification: EN 1335-1:2021 & EN 1335-2:2019
  • Package size: 89 x 70 x 37 cm
  • Weight (gross, approx.): 28.40 kg
  • EAN: 5949161381847